Our story

Our history and the start of the company are based on frustration. The driving force for me is really about equality, rights and an inclusive society!!! Fashion should be for everyone i.e. adaptive fashion.

I moved from Umeå in north of Sweden to Borås in the south because I had got a job as a cutter and at that time my plans were that I would work in the textile and fashion industry. I had attended various textile courses sewing and design as well as pattern construction at Tillskärarakademin, so my path was quite clear.

After some time my first child was born, with Spinabifida. Spina-bifida, a disability that meant many and long hospital stays. Of course, it was he who got all the love, focus and help he needed, which meant that other things became quite unimportant. The family grew with two more children 🙂 and I trained as an environmental inspector and worked like that for a number of years.

When you are a child, it is quite easy to find soft and comfortable clothes that fit well. The older you get, the harder it is. Over the years, I have constantly helped my son sew and adjust clothes and in the end I became frustrated that it needed to be so. Then I thought if no one else solves this then I have to do it myself!

I started taking measurements of people in my vicinity who were wheelchairusers. I made patterns, sample pants, tested and tested again. In the end, I had a model - as good-looking as it was functional. I am so happy that you all helped and came up with such important comments, THANK YOU !!

In a small company, you sit on many chairs, which is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to learn a lot. I realize that it is not possible to do everything myself, so I take the help of experts in various fields. For me, it is also a great opportunity to be a part of the company incubator eXpression on the Art Campus in Umeå. There I have a lot of new young friends who inspire me.

My family is just the best!!!

Here my family helps me with an invaluable but time-consuming job, cutting patterns….