Trousers for wheelchair users

For those of you who use wheelchairs, we have designed a clothing collection, and are currently focussed on trousers specially designed for people who are seated. If you want stylish and modern clothing for both everyday wear and for parties, then you've come to the right place.

Most clothing on the market is designed to look good when standing, and not when sitting down. Our brand is what’s needed, because we design specially for wheelchair users.

The trousers have a unique design, are based on the needs of the target group, and have been developed in dialogue with the individuals themselves, which is why we have patented our products. Our garments are not gender-specific - we’ve chosen to use a uniform sizing scale that works for the majority of people, but not everyone.

  • A more roomy shape for the behind and higher at the back so that the trousers sit at the waist and don’t slide down
  • Lower at the front so that they sit well round the waist and less fabric pinching round the stomach
  • Hooks and Velcro instead of buttons and zips means they are easy to fasten and soft
  • Pockets on the lower leg or thigh where you can store your mobile or wallet
  • Some of the trousers have lining in the legs from the thigh downwards, which is great in cold weather
  • Pleats at the knees mean the trousers are easier to put on, and sit better when the legs are bent

Our different models 

Plain a plain design

Basic trousers with pockets below the knees at the shin

Bin trousers with thigh pockets

The trousers are available in two leg lengths, one slightly shorter and one longer. The slightly shorter option is often best suited to those with a congenital disability, and the longer length suits those with an acquired injury. For safety's sake, check the size guide found with the product images.

To make it easier to put on the trousers, there is a loop at the back of the waistband to give better grip.

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Kimono – mönstrad

En snygg kimono i otroligt skönt tyg från Isoletto.

Du knyter till kimonon med ett tunt midjeband på insidan samt med midjebandet på utsidan. På så sätt kan du justera hur urringad du vill att kimonon ska vara. Ärmarna är lite vida och trekvartslånga.

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